Redefining "Time as Money"

BitMinutes solves major hurdles in providing financial services to the underbanked. Our protocols and technology add liquidity to the major global asset class of prepaid minutes, provide for ‘free’ value transfers, create efficient and low-cost payments platforms, and establish credit histories making credit available for the global underbanked.

Much like Bakkt’s approach to monetization of loyalty and rewards, BitMinutes does the same by monetizing universal prepaid minutes for 4 billion people globally.

Our proprietary smart token technology powers our many service offerings and gives them unique advantages over other digital assets and value transfer mechanisms. Additionally, BitMinutes creates Trusted Agent Networks of banks, retailers, and individuals to create presence and easy use in BitMinutes JV countries, bringing employment and financial inclusion into regions of the world that need them most.


BitMinutes Adoption

Major players on the global stage are already leveraging BitMinutes for empowerment and lasting social impact. Read their stories and learn how you can incorporate BitMinutes into your global commerce and financial inclusion initiatives.

The BitMinutes FinTech Suite

BitMinutes has developed several technologies and business models as part of a “FinTech Ecosystem” that brings disruptive, low-cost financial services to the developing world. Below are just a few of the products and services powered by our FinTech Suite of technologies.

Free Global Money Transfer

Effortlessly send money abroad and pay zero in fees for standard transactions.

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Trusted Agent Network

A network that could be described as the "Uber of Banking" that is facilitating branchless banking around the globe.

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Financial Inclusion Programs

We deploy digital means to reach financially excluded populations with a range of financial services that point towards advancement in those populations.

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Country Stablecoins

BitMinutes ‘Country’ stablecoin model is designed for easy adoption and use by local populations. A ‘country’ BMT pegged in value to the local currency is easily understood and used.

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