About BitMinutes, Inc.

BitMinutes, Inc. ("BTM" or "BitMinutes") is a wholly owned subsidiary of P2P Cash Inc. ("P2P"), a privately held corporation registered in Georgia whose primary business is as a processor of mobile financial services transactions. BTM develops and test markets stored value products related to mobile financial services, such as pre-paid Voice over Internet Protocols ("VoIP") calling minutes that can be stored on the BitMinutes server and used by the account holder.

About P2P Cash, Inc.

P2P Cash, Inc is a privately held Georgia corporation that is a processor of mobile financial services transactions. It facilitates its actions through a series of joint ventures, strategic alliances and partnerships to enable the processing of a full line of mobile financial services to the world through its core processing and banking switch. Our processing fees are some of the lowest in the industry, and our technology allows us to have this market advantage.

About BitMinutes

BitMinutes is the trademark brand for stored value VoIP pre-paid calling minutes. BTM acts as a reseller for various VoIP minutes' providers from around the world. BitMinutes are stored in a secure BitMinutes database for retrieval, use, transfer, and redemption by the account holder.