Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are BitMinutes?

    BitMinutes is the PCTI trademark brand for stored value VoIP pre-paid calling minutes that PCTI acts as a reseller for various VoIP minutes' providers from around the world. BitMinutes are currently being limited to long distance calls originating in and terminating within the 48 contiguous United States and Canada, before expanding to international markets. BitMinutes are stored in a secure BitMinutes database for retrieval and use by the account holder.

  2. Where can I call with my BitMinutes?

    BitMinutes are pre-paid VoIP calling minutes that can be used to call anywhere in the contiguous 48 United States and Canada. At this time calling is not permitted to Alaska, Hawaii, any United States territory or any other area in the "+1" International Calling Code territory.

  3. How do I make a long distance call with my BitMinutes?

    Simply call from the phone you registered for your BitMinute account. Dial toll free 1-800-289-6686 and simply follow the voice prompts. Select "1" to call and when you hear the tone dial the 10 digit phone number beginning with the area code. Select "2" to hear your minutes available account balance.