How Do BitMinutes Work?

Using BitMinutes is simple.

  • Register to open a free BitMinutes account – There is NO cost to open an account.
  • Purchase BitMinutes with your VISA® or Mastercard.
  • Use the phone assigned to phone number registered in your account
  • Access our phone service by calling 1-800-289-6686
  • Simply follow the voice prompts
    • Select "1" to make a call
      • Listen for tone
      • Dial the 10 digit phone number starting with area code*
      • Your Caller ID Number will display the receiving phone
      • When answered start talking and simply hang up when done
  • Select "2" to hear your account balance
  • Your account balance is automatically updated. You will be charged a minimum of 1 BitMinute for calls that connect
  • BitMinutes can only be used to call phone numbers in the contiguous United States and Canada only. All other area codes in the +1 International Calling Codes will not connect.

As more services are added to the BitMinute network, you will be able to access them through your mobile BitMinute app (a service of P2P Cash Technology.)