Why Buy BitMinutes?

Call anyone in the 48 contiguous United States and Canada*

  •   •All calls must originate and terminate within this region of the +1 International Calling Area
  •   •Pinless calling using our toll free number (1-800-289-6686)
    •   •No number to remember, simply dial
    •   •Your phone is automatically registered when you register
    •   •You can change your registered phone to another number
  •   •Competitive Rates
    •   •BitMinutes are sold in blocks of 50 minutes for $50.00 USD
  •   •Minutes never Expire
    •   •BitMinutes are always available for use
    •   •BitMinutes are expanding to international calling areas and are useable for international calling at competitive rates

*The calling area excludes Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean, and all United States Territories.

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